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"I applaud CTI’s mission to promote the deployment of broadband across the country. Nationwide deployment of high speed, always-on broadband will fuel the development of millions of new jobs in the United States.”

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker, US House of Representatives

"For the past four years Don Means has been a pioneer in the effort to bring the benefits of broadband Internet access to more Americans. Specifically, Don and his organization, the Community TeleStructure Initiative, have been working through the details of building high-speed links to community facilities around the country"

Microsoft on the Issues, New York, NY

"Don Means makes amazing things happen. He pulls rabbits out of hats for, and we're stronger because of it. He had the vision to start helping before it was well-known. Don sees potential. He's always has a thoughtful opinion, he's got a heart of gold, and I'm grateful that he chose to help us."

Scott Heiferman President & CEO
Jardine-Matheson, Hong Kong, CN

"For years, DVA have been extremely valuable in helping Jardines identify important global technology trends and US business practices."

Norman Lyle Financial Director

"Digital Village has provided us with invaluable services and pragmatic insights for over 5 years. Of particular note is the role Don has played in helping us build a CEO network, in the US and elsewhere, which was critical to the achievement of our goals. In this regard, we will always be indebted to Don and DVA."

Dr Ritchie Bent Group Head, Human Resources

"Don is a visionary in the truest sense of the word. He's been at the forefront of discussion and resolutions that work in each area of our country. He's one of a small handful of experts in the US and the world on these issues. He’s the Johnny Appleseed of this whole concept.”

Ed Markey US Senator, MA

"NATOA is proud to endorse the ‘Fiber to the Library' initiative. Countless local governments have worked with public libraries for more than a decade to offer high-capacity Internet access over fiber optics, much as we do to other key anchor institutions such as schools and first responders"

National Association of Telecommunications Officials of America

By many measures, much of the United States continues to lag behind other developed countries in terms of broadband penetration and speed -- but it's not for a lack of good ideas. Take Don Means’ “Fiber to the Library" (FTTL) proposal, which would equip every one of our nation's public libraries with a fiber Internet connection.

Rick Whitt ex-Googler

"Don Means always brings together the right people at tghe right time."

Clark Kelso fmr. CIO, State of California

"In accord with the Community Telestructure Initiative, we encourage every community to take active responsibility for the design and development of strategies that promote local broadband deployment. Access to high performance communications technology is indeed essential to participation in the global knowledge economy."

Mark Warner fmr. Governor, VA

"Local communities can play an important role in determining our nation's broadband future. TechNet strongly supports Community TeleStructure Initiative's commitment to local strategies and policies that spur the deployment of broadband to all communities and citizens."