Gigabit Libraries Network (GLN):

An open collaboration of innovative libraries cooperating as a distributed testbed and showcase environment for high performance applications and equipment in the service of educational, civic and cultural objectives.

Community SecondNets: an alternative network infrastructure which utilizes wide area TV Whitespace spectrum, are deployed to create Wi-Fi MESH intranets independent of the public infrastructure providing direct links between libraries schools clinics and other second responders.
Libraries WhiteSpace Pilot: Project examines how integrating unlicensed open wireless communication technologies can benefit library users by combining the near universal compatibility of wifi with the range and penetrating capabilities of WhiteSpace devices.
Fiber to the Library: DVA initiative to assure next-generation Internet connectivity into every U.S. community through the nation’s 16,500 public libraries. FTTL has served as a guiding concept and spearhead for national buildout of broadband under the National Broadband Plan.
    FTTL advocates for libraries as natural “Community Technology Hub" with emerging digital age roles:
  • Early Adopter where technologies are showcased for shared community use and ideal demo site for emerging technologies.
  • Face of E-gov’t where anyone can find a guide to help access and navigate a burgeoning world of online public services
  • Second Responder with hardened and redundant communications and information capability for disaster preparedness and recovery.

EVERYONE CONNECTED! Comprehensive 3-prong strategy for universal internet access provides a solution to reach the billions of people not yet connected.

  • Public Access Centers / Libraries
  • Community Networks and
  • Offline Internet

As a partial antidote to a chaotic national primary election process, the NPC convenes as an ongoing consultation and collaboration among leaders and representatives of the national parties’ rules committees, state election officials and others to develop ideas and proposals to improve the common primary election system

Community TeleStructure Initiative is a broad collaboration of public and private interests who work jointly or independently, encouraging communities to take responsibility for the design and development of strategies that promote local broadband deployment. State Broadband Roundtables have convened in California, Virgina and Massachusetts at the invitation or with support from the offices of the governors.

* In 1997 DVA coined the term "TeleStructure" to refer to the set of interconnected physical components and support structures comprising telecommunications infrastructure with special emphasis on the local level.